Ingrid - Cathy Relationship
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General Information
Intimacy level: Enemies (Ingrid's side)
Frenemies (Cathy's side)
Friendship history: Started prior Scream Again
Friendship status: Active
Rivalry history: Started in Scream Again
Ingrid-Cathy Relationship is about the friendship/rivalry between Ingrid Marie Hoffel and Cathy Munsch. It started prior to Scream Again.


Season Two

Scream Again

Ingrid and Cathy are seen together when they meet The Chanels in the elevator. Ingrid is calling out the Chanels for being dumb sluts and begins to explain how they are still not doctors, Chanel is quick to respond and calls Ingrid out because her name sounds like awful. Cathy only realizing her name sounds like awful and laughs, Ingrid looks at Cathy but just ignores her. When the Chanels leave Cathy tells Ingrid about riding on them hard as she has plans for them.