Denise-Zayday Relationship
General Information
Intimacy level: Enemies
Accusing each other of being the Red Devil
Rivalry history: Started in Chainsaw
Ended in Halloween Blues with Denise being murdered
Rivalry status: Inactive (Denise was killed)

Denise-Zayday Relationship is the relationship shared between Denise Hemphill and Zayday Williams. They were first introduced in Hell Week but became enemies in Chainsaw.



When Zayday is walking home at night Denise comes by in a car and offers Zayday a lift. When Zayday enters the car all of a sudden Denise handcuffs Zayday and accuses her of being the killer. Denise goes on about how Zayday is clearly the killer as she watches How to Get Away with Murder and owns a chainsaw. However, in the end Denise lets Zayday go.

Haunted House

When Zayday tells Denise she is holding a charitable haunted house event Denise accuses her of being the killer again and makes her stop the event. Later on Zayday finds out that Denise was a Kappa reject making it a fact that she would be a suspect.

Mommie Dearest

Denise swings by Jennifer's room when she hears her yelling. Denise asks about Zayday being the killer. Jennifer tells a story but then Zayday enters the room and gets mad at them both for making accusations of her being the killer. She then goes on about if she was the killer she would have killed Denise. She then warns them both about staying away from her.

The Final Girl(s)

When Denise arrests all The Chanels she still claims that she has her suspicion on Zayday.



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