Chanel-Brock Relationship
General Information
Intimacy level: Dating
Dating history: Started in Scream Again when Chanel started to flirt with Brock.
Ended with Chad Radwell's marriage proposal to Chanel in Handidates.
Dating status: Inactive
Chanel-Brock Relationship is about the relationship between Chanel Oberlin and Dr. Brock Holt. They first met in the shower, while Chanel tried to flirt with Brock by showing him her bra and panties. Both became friends and were formerly dating until Chad proposed to Chanel out of jealousy.


Season Two

Scream Again

While Brock is showering, Chanel is instantly attracted by him and undresses herself, showing her bra and panties. Brock is attracted to her too. Later, as Brock is trying to find a cure for Catherine, Chanel walks in and as they flirt with one another, Brock discovers that the lobotomy is not the way to cure Catherine, but it is Testosterone. Both interrupt the lobotomy and give a better treatment to Catherine than the one Zayday came up with. It is later mentioned by Chanel she is having a date with him.

Warts and All

Chanel and Brock are seen going on their movie date. While watching the movie, Brock's hand starts acting strange by grabbing Chanel's bosom and snatching Twizzlers from a guy from behind. Chanel notices the weird behavior and just shrugs it off as Brock imitating the movie. As the screen fades away, Brock and Chanel share a kiss.



Chanel Pour Homme-Icide


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