The following is a list of characters from the Fox horror-comedy series Scream Queens.


Color Meaning
Main This actor is credited as a main cast member during that season.
Recurring This actor appears in more than one episode that season.
Guest This actor appears in one episode that season.
Unknown This person is confirmed to appear, but with an unknown status.
This actor doesn't appear or is not yet confirmed.

Actor Character Episode count (Total: 23) Seasons
1 2
Riley Schmidt Red Devil/Green Meanie (stunt) 22 Recurring
Niecy Nash Denise Hemphill 15 Recurring
Breezy Eslin Jennifer 9 Recurring
Jim Klock Detective Chisolm 7 Recurring
Jeanna Han Sam 6 Recurring
Evan Paley Caulfield Mount Herman 5 Recurring
Aaron Rhodes Roger 5 Recurring
Nick Jonas Boone Clemens 5 Recurring
Ariana Grande Sonya "Chanel #2" Herfmann 4 Recurring
Anna Grace Barlow Bethany Stevens/Mary Mulligan 4 Recurring
Austin Rhodes Dodger 4 Recurring
Jan Hoag Ms. Agatha Bean 3 Recurring
Deneen Tyler Shondell Washington 3 Recurring
McKaley Miller Sophia Doyle 3 Recurring
Chelsea Ricketts Amy Meyer 3 Recurring
Grace Phipps Mandy Greenwell (younger) 3 Recurring
Anna Margaret Collins Coco Cohen 3 Recurring
Whitney Meyer Tiffany DeSalle 2 Recurring
Brianne Howey Melanie Dorkus 2 Recurring
Jennifer Aspen Mandy Greenwell (older) 1 Guest
Tavi Gevinson Feather McCarthy 1 Guest
Philip Casnoff Steven Munsch 1 Guest
Trilby Glover Jane Hollis 7 Recurring
Andrea Erikson Stein Marguerite Honeywell 4 Recurring
Riley McKenna Weinstein Daria Janssen 4 Recurring
Dahlya Glick Chanel #10 3 Recurring
Jerry O'Connell Dr. Mike 3 Recurring
Laura Bell Bundy Nurse Thomas 3 Recurring
Jeremy Batiste Bill Hollis 3 Recurring
Colton Haynes Tyler 2 Recurring
Kevin Bigley Randal 2 Recurring
Moira O'Neill Chanel #9 2 Recurring
Cecily Strong Catherine Hobart 1 Guest
Alec Mapa Lynn Johnstone 1 Guest
Cheri Oteri Sheila Baumgartner 1 Guest
Mary Birdsong Penelope Hotchkiss 1 Guest
Pablo Castelblanco Tristan St. Pierre 1 Guest
August Emerson Brandon Szathmary 1 Guest
Amy Okuda Anna Plaisance 1 Guest
Kasey Mahaffy Thomas Benderhall 1 Guest
Marissa Jaret Winokur Shelly 1 Guest
Roy Fegan Slade Hornborn 1 Guest
Bill Oberst, Jr. Clark 1 Guest
Brooke Shields Dr. Scarlett Lovin 1 Guest
Clayton Farris Lenk Van D'Vlonne 1 Guest
Ajay Mehta Arthur Annenburg 1 Guest
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