Cassidy-Brock Relationship
General Information
Intimacy level: Friends
Friendship history: Started prior Scream Again
Friendship status: Active
Cassidy-Brock Relationship is about the relationship between Dr. Cassidy Cascade and Dr. Brock Holt. It began prior to Scream Again, and they have been friends ever since.


Season Two

Scream Again

They are seen together walking down a corridor ready to speak to Catherine Hobart. Both of them introduce themselves and lead them to a room, where she meets Cathy. After that, they introduce themselves to Zayday where Brock mentions his backstory. Cassidy and Brock are later seen together when Cassidy and Zayday reveal to Catherine the only way to actually cure her is to give her a lobotomy. But after that, both Brock and Chanel prove them wrong by changing Catherine's diet and giving her a makeover. It is later mentioned both of them got dates with Chanel and Chanel #3