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• 10/28/2017

Season 3: Scream Queens

So I pretty much know that a third season is off the table for at least right now. Probably forever but I’ll keep that little bit of hope for a revival at some point. But with Halloween around and me going as the Green Meanie for a Halloween party (the mask is awesome in person!), I’ve been in a really Scream Queen-y mood lately. And I also came up with an idea for a third season. About... Scream queens!!! So In my idea (which I’ve really grown to love and want to see happen even though it of course won’t), Chanel is still at Lovin’ the C and we pick up right after she is attacked by the new Red Devil. Well at some point during the episode, the producers come up with an idea for the show: Scream queens. Instead of continuing to do medical stuff they want to turn her into a talk show and they want to include multiple movie scream queens since Chanel is the real life Scream queen. But of course, someone starts targeting them. I want meta exaggerated versions of real life Scream queens like Danielle Harris, Chelan Simmons, Crystal Lowe, Adrienne King, Heather Lankencamp, Jennifer Tilly, Katharine Isabelle, all of them. Well the Red Devil continues to attack the studio, along with the new killer who will be inspired by a film studio somehow. One of the Scream queens (who I want to be chelan at the moment) ultimately decides that she isn’t being taken seriously anymore and wants to eliminate the competition to become the ultimate SQ. She confronts the killer and the killer is revealed to be Chloe (played in my mind by JWoww), an assistant on set who is angry because Chanel got Lovin’ the C, while she believes it should’ve went to her as she has been around much longer. The two of them form an alliance to take out their competition, while the Red Devil continues their work. It is revealed that there are three Red Devils, two of which unmask themselves as Hester and Brock. In the series finale, the final Red Devil is revealed to be Grace, who wants revenge for the death of her dad and also because she’s gone slightly insane after Kappa. She takes them all back to Kappa for a final showdown (also note that the studio killers are defeated before to allow the series finale to be able to focus on tying up the show) and the Green Meanie also arrivées, revealing an alive Hoffel. It turns out Grace has been around for some time and when everyone left Hoffel, she reached in pulled her back out. I thought Hoffel was dead for sure but when I bought about it, she just goes under and everyone leaves. She could’ve easily been rescued with the right help. Cathy knocks out Brock with help from Chanel, who also takes on Hester, shooting her. Denise and Hoffel have a showdown as welll and Hoffel is also knocked out. Zayday confronts Grace and tries to talk her out of starting her bomb to blow up Kappa with them inside. Just as it looks like Grace is gonna let go and redeem, she knocks Zayday down and starts the trigger for the bomb. It blows up and she believes everyone perished inside, until Zayday, Denise, Chanel, Cathy and possibly Chanel #3 and #5 walk out alive and well. After Grace left, they found Zayday and when the bomb blew up it threw them from the building. They all decide to kill Grace except for Zayday who wants to let the police deal with her. But at the last minute, the house explodes again and a piece of debris kills her. The survivors then go onto live a happy life, as Waterfalls plays in the background. At the last minute, Chanel is attacked by the Red a devil once more, like 1 and 2, until it is revealed to merely be a movie set based on the Kappa Cure murders.
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• 10/25/2017

What about a special episode?

Would you guys like if there was a special episode (like 80 minutes) to end the series?
I would love if they did it, I really want to see Brock and Chanel #8 dead
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• 6/28/2017
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• 6/16/2017

Grace gardener will be new demonic villain on blood island

Grace gardener was taught to be killer by same teacher who created red devil and others
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• 1/13/2017

Is GRACE GARDNER the NEW red devil?

It all makes sense..Grace is mental the Chanel's made her go mental!! She must be back for revenge! Plus her dad died and the Chanel's were part of the hospital staff team then..It all makes sense but you know with all of the rumours going around about Grace being the new devil they might change it we might need to make a list of top 3 people who could be the red devil..
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• 1/7/2017


Watch this if you forgot the scene
I found a plot hole. Not sure if this is plausible cause it's not well-thought out or original as in someone suggested this before, but hear me out. Apparently, Pete had found out that Hester was the female Red Devil during the events of Mommie Dearest, per the same dress that she wears here. So, my question is, why didn't Pete turn in the killers after finding out who the final Red Devil was? This is what I'm getting at: Pete had no reason to kill Boone, because he knew all the killers. If he really wanted to stop the killings, which he claimed was his reason to kill Boone, why not turn in Boone, Gigi, and Hester?
Here are some theories I've heard when I explained this elsewhere (and I quote):

That's because Boone, Gigi, and Hester could have easily got on him about the fact that he killed Roger, u dumbass.
DUH!!! Maybe, he analyzed Hester and the Chanels' DNAs AFTER killing Boone. YOU FOOL!!! HOW DID YOU NOT THINK OF THIS?!!!
Hester killed Boone and Pete was trying to look like a bigshot in front of Grace for killing off the muscle of the team. After all, Gigi was pressuring Hester so hard to kill Boone, and after playing Eeeny, Meanie, Miney, Moe in her mind, she decided to kill Boone, but she thought that game was stupid, so she decided to get rid of Gigi, too. Hester killing Boone made more sense anyway, juding by how Boone referred to the killer and at the end of Mommie Dearest, Boone clearly was talking to Hester, by saying to RD, in a nutshell "Weren't you laughing your ass off at Gigi's costume, Hester?"
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• 12/30/2016

Season 3: Hotel/Resort

Scream Queens: Season 3 is set in a hotel/resort on Blood Island owned by Brock and Hester.

Hester offers no.5 and Zayday jobs after their hospital get closed to investigate the swamp.

Chanel and No.3 are doing a tv show reviewing the hotel.

Dean Munsch buys a share of the hotel later in the episode.

New characters:
Dean Munsch’s new Husband/Wife (Love Interest)
3 Hot Guys working as bellboys/receptionists/maids at the hotel
Another guy that isn’t that hot that works at the hotel (Chanel No.5’s love interest…maybe)
2 Hot girls working as maids to compete with the Chanels
A relative of one of the main characters (eg.Brock’s brother)
A cook (similar to ms Bean)
& a new Chanel.

Set 3/4 years ago when the Chanels (including no.4), and Melanie Dorkess were in KKT. The sisters are telling a ghost story about the Green Meanie. The legend (in the 70’s) goes a couple was pushed into the swamp, and drowned in the swamp and they roam swamp today looking for more victims. Chanel No.4 doesn’t believe this story and goes to the bathroom where she is killed by the Green Meanie. The Chanels cover the story up.

Murders Info:
Avenger of Chanel No.4’s death (Maybe Melanie Dorkess)
The ghost story about the green meanie was false and the woman survived. The couple was pushed in by Cathy and now the woman is trying to bring Cathy down. The cook would be a great candidate for this.
They use the Red Devil costume from season 1.

What are your thoughts this concept for Season 3?
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• 12/22/2016

Was GRACE GARDNER the Red Devil in Chanel's new car?

The Scream Queen Finale left me in shock not only seeing Nurse Hoffel died in a Swamp which was pretty ironic but seeeing at the end of ther episode were Chanel is walking to her Car and feels somones watching her and as she gets in her new car because she's rich again OBVI and she sees a gift left for her with the KKT logo on it and a person in a Red Devil Costume shows up in the backseat of her car. IT can't be Chad trying to scare again he's DEAD.
Could it have been Grace Gardner. I mean there ARE plenty of possible motives
1. Wes in Season 2 told Chamberlain the Chanels drove Grace insane and now she's in a mental asylum
2. Her dad was killed and is hell-bent on revenge with Hester or The Chanels as her targets
Who else could've had been? Hoffel may have survived the Swamp Death? Boone never died? another person related to Ms. Bean? Who could it be?
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• 12/22/2016

Season 3: The Camp

Hey guys, what good ideas are you having to the next Scream Queens season? I really liked the idea of the summer camp and I think it would be great if they can bring it back.
I think that's not a good idea to have another baby and a case of various years ago, I think it would be better if the past-story would actualy relate with the Chanels and others.
What if the past story was like, 2/3 years ago? Some months before the events of "Pilot"? I think that the university could send some students to a summer camp for some reason and then something bad happen. It could have special participation of Chanel #2 and Chad Radwell. Also, we could finally get to see how Chanel #4 look like.
That's the past. And now (I don't know how) for some reason the Chanels, Cathy and Zayday find theirselfs together again. Cathy would be the president of the camp of course, Zayday could maybe be in the medical team and the Chanels I can't think why haha Also, Grace's insane asylum could sent some patients to be treated in THAT camp, so it all would be related again.
And the best, it would be harder to guess who's the new killer, cause the Chanels and a lot of people of Wallace U. would be related to a 2/3 year ago accident, making everyone a suspect. Denise Hemphill of course would be called to investigate and maybe, but now I'm going to far, that camp is on Blood Island LOL
Sorry guys, just wondering a lot about what I think it would be cool to see. Specially if it turns out that #4 isn't dead haha. I'm sending a image just to illustrate what I think the cabins should look like. Tell me what you guys think about that non-sense I'm imagining (:
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• 12/22/2016

Chanel #8

Does anyone else find so shocking that she didn't die? She is the first recurring more important character that didn't die at the end of the series. I really wanted her death LOL.
Do you guys think that maybe she'll be back in the Season 3? I mean, they can't just forget about a Chanel...
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• 12/22/2016

Who would be the best Season 3 killers?

SO, who would be the best killer pair, since there'll probably be multiple killers like Seasons 1 and 2? Here's my opinion:
First off, Grace Gardner, she has the perfect motive, though she is too obvious, but what the heck? She was driven insane by the combination of the Wallace University murders and heavy abuse from Chanel. She also would have an easier time killing Chanel, than the other killers. She can fight, so she would be able to hold her own against quite a few of her victims, like she was able to do against Hester as the Red Devil, though she did K.O'd in the end, but she probably got better, right? She is also very intelligent, because she gave Hester a tough time framing the Chanels, but then she got outmarted in the end, but she probably improved, am I right? sS she would be able to set a perfect trap for Chanel if not directly kill her.
Second off, Libby "Chanel #5" Putney, she has a good motive. Chanel always abused her, and when she admitted that her vagina actually does have teeth, she'll probably never hear the end of it when she sees Chanel again. She has a lot of brains as well, like Grace. She managed to almost get a perfect score on the MCATS, without help, while Chanel and Sadie cheated, and she still bested them. She also beat up Douchebags #1 and #2 in "Warts and All", and kicked a drunk Truck Driver in the testicles and would probably do just as well against her murder victims.
Who do you think should be the killers in Season 3?
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• 12/11/2016

Behind the Mask (Season 2)

I'm only making this, because the recent ones I've seen are crap, by the way, it was pretty obvious Hester's a Green Meanie and has done some stuff behind the mask (I had a confirmation, but I lost it), just like Ryan lied about every main character dying this season, but she won't be accused for any of these, yet.

Catherine Hobart's murder: Guess: Cassidy. The killer was most liekly Cassidy, because the song the killer plays before killing her sort of references Cassidy's motives and feelings toward his mother. The Green Meanie also showed off her baldhead before killing her, and Cassidy would know about her makeover and wig, not Wes. Wes's main target was the Chanels, and he would have killed Chanel #5.
Dean Munsch's attack: Guess: Wes, he was probably distressed that Dean Munsch had left him, and Cassidy appeared during the attack with the killer still pinned down to the floor. 
Tyler's murder: Guess: Wes, because Cassidy was headed home with Doctor Brock so they could have a handsome contest, or whatever. Wes killed Tyler because he probably knew he was Chanel #5's boyfriend.
Randal's murder: Guess: Cassidy, because his M.O. is kill patients and Wes would have had no reason to kill him.
Sheila Baumgartner's murder and Chamberlain Jackson's attack: Guess: Cassidy, because he stated in "Blood Drive" that he was going to kill Zayday, but he was too afraid of her. The Green Meanie ran off instead of attacking her.
Chad Radwell's murder: Guess: Doctor Brock Holt, because it is clearly hinted in all of the episodes since his death (except "Chanel Pour Homme-Icide") that the Green Meanie may not have been the culprit in his murder. The murder took place during the day, Cassidy was at the wedding and Nurse Hoffel said that she didn't kill anyone prior to "Blood Drive". In "The Hand", Doctor Brock's serial killer hand becomes harder to control when Brock is in anger or stressed, and he was bummed that he lost his chance with Chanel, because of Chad. Hester also refers to Brock as a killer in "Lovin the D", and she knew Chad was going to be killed before his death was revealed. Wes, I believe, is  just a red herring and if it turns out he killed Chad. That's just how predictable the show is.
Special Agent Denise Hemphill's attack: Guess: Cassidy, because he stated in "Blood Drive" that the staff is hard to kill. The Chanels were never attacked, except for Chanel #5 who strategically passed out to avoid death at Cassidy's hand, Dean Munsch was attacked by Wes, so Denise is the only one he could be talking about, because she easily fought him off.
Halloween party incident: Guess: Wes, because Cassidy was at the hospital party the entire time.
Chanel #5's attack: Guess: Wes, because the Green Meanie did not kill Hester and instead, teamed up with her, though Cassidy was working alone. Wes is targeting the Chanels, and Cassidy was likely at the Halloween party helping the patients.
Denise's murder: Guess: Cassidy?. This is a hard nut to crack right here, but it was him. Wes stabbed Chanel #5 and thought she was dead, and left without being caught. Cassidy changed into the costume with all the confusion going on and killed Denise, and spared Chanel #5 for some reason.
Party Guests' murders: Guess: Cassidy. Wes wouldn't waste his time killing these people.
Tristan "Chanel Pour Homme" Saint Pierre's murder: This was probably Cassidy, because Wes would only bother with the main Chanels, and Cassidy is the more likely person to know about the new Chanels, because they checked into the hospital as patients.
Midge "Chanel #11"s murder: Guess: Wes? Cassidy was already gone to his mother's for the weekend, so he definitely couldn't have done it.
Addison "Chanel #9"s murder: We see Cassidy and Nurse Hoffel do this.
Doctor Brock Holt's attack: Guess: Wes. Cassidy was shown to have karate skills, and would likely be able to hold his own against Brock's hand. Nurse Hoffel did not have any reason to kill him, she wanted to let him live to stress him out so he could kill Chanel with his serial killer hand.
Andrea "Chanel 10"s murder: Guess: Nurse Hoffel. The Green Meanie checks her pulse, and Nurse Hoffel wanted to drive Brock insane and stressed by forcing the surgery he was supposed to do on Anna Plaisance. She also made a cryptic comment on how #10's heart was completely undamaged by the attack. Nurses check the pulses of their patients, and it might have been a natural instinct for her to do so, anyways,
Slade Hornborn's murder: Guess: Nurse Hoffel. She was the only killer who knew who Slade was and what he was doing at the hospital. The Green Meanie heard the entire phone call, and Slade acknowledged an ethics scandal that would have the hospital, while Nurse Hoffel wanted to keep it open to  get to the Chanels.
Zayday Williams and Chamberlain's attack: Guess: Nurse Hoffel. Cassidy was afraid of Zayday, while Wes probably would not hurt Zayday, who was Grace's best friend.
Weston "Wes" Gardner and Dean Minsch's attack: Guess: Cassidy. Nurse Hoffel did suggest to Cassid to kill the woman running the hospital, which would actually close it down.
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• 12/10/2016

Why "Rapunzel, Rapunzel"?

Didn't get the name
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• 12/8/2016

Who was who? (Green Meanie)

Well there's currently three Green Meanies. While this is super awesome, it also begs the question: Who is who at what time? Hopefully the finale will set some insight on this like Season 1's did, but for now let's have fun guessing. Let's do two seperate sections though: Confirmed/Mostly Confirmed and Speculation!

Catherine was presumably killed by Cassidy. Hoffel became the Green Meanie in 2x06 and Wes said his spree began after the original Green Meanie's did, so presumably Cassidy did this. Some people said he was on a date with #3 but #3 says they were only on the way. (Her and Chanel not her and Cassidy)
Cathy's attack: Wes. Ingrid wasn't a meanie yet and Cassidy was there.

I think Chad was murdered by Wes. Wes had no motive for the patient killings so none of those were likely him, meaning this probably was, and Cassidy was at the wedding so...
Denise was Wes. Wes' motive is for the Season 1 survivors and Cassidy was there at the Halloween Party.
Chanel #11 was Cassidy I think. We see Cassidy going after #9 in 2x06, meaning he was after the new Chanels, and Wes has no motive for #11's murder since he's after the main Chanels.
Chanel #10 was Hoffel. Cassidy was trying to stop killing at the moment and Wes had no motive to do this. Plus, Hoffel made a cryptic comment about it, so...
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• 11/29/2016

Denise is brain dead, but not dead.

At this title I know what you like. You have gone through this before have you not. But, this info you provide here is wrong. Denise is brain dead, but not dead. I think the more proper term is "Vegtable" or "Vegetative State". If Denise were truly Brain Dead, she would have no pulse or heart beat because the brain dead, but she had heart beat. As we can see, she have no reaction to anything. You may argue, "brain dead people have heartbeat." Yes, but they are connected to machine in which makes them breath, and as long as the body have oxygen, the heart beat. Denise have no machine and continue to breath. I am just say that the information on here is no correct. Please excuse English.
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• 11/27/2016

Who the third Green Meanie might be?

Hey guys, I ask apologize for my english, cause it's not my natural language, but here's some things I've been thinking. There's three GM: A: Cassidy, B: Ingrid, C: ?.
So, I was thinking... When Dean Munsch was attacked on "Warts and All", Cassidy showed up one second after that, so it couldn't be him who attacked her. Neither was Ingrid, cause she wasn't a GM yet. So it was necessarily the third one, this eliminates Cassidy, Munsch and Chanel #3 (that showed up with Cassidy) as suspects. We know (cause it's obvious) that the killer is someone of the main cast, so without the characters involved on that attack (along with Ingrid), the only options are: Chanel, Hester, #5, Zayday, Brock or Chamberlain. It's really hard to connect the dots, cause Cassidy (except for that attack on Munsch) could be in every single attack scene, so it's not possible to eliminate anyone as suspect so far.
Hester as locked up, but I'm not fully convinced that she couldn't just get out of the cage. The most likely to be the third killer is Brock, I think, but I'm really not sure, cause the attack on Tyler and the attack on Chad makes me question if Brock could be the GM. Does someone have an idea of who it might be?
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• 11/17/2016

What did you think about epsiode 5?

So we had to wait 3 weeks to have another episode. And it unfortunately disappointed me.
For one thing I hate all these new boring characters and im just tired of this season.
This season is literally the same thing as S1. Same dialogue such as "Dean Box Munch" and Chanel#5 complaing about a male Chanel like she did with Boone. Im just sick of their laziness and this awful season. It's just so boring, and I don't really care who ends up being the Green Meanie.
Oh, and what happened to Ryan saying that a main character would die every episode now? Chanel #11 and Tristan weren't main characters. Whatever, he's known to be a huge liar.
I really hate this season
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• 10/22/2016

Has anyone noticed as many timeline issues as I have?

So for some reason this season apparently takes place 2 years after the first season for no exact reason at all. Anyways I have noticed some timeline issues such as the video of Hester confessing. The date said it was recorded in April 2016 which would mean Hester was caught during that time. That doesn't make sense because in epsiode 13 of S1 in May 2016 Hester still wasnt caught. Then in "Halloween Blues" it says 2016 has been a bad year for Chanel. But shouldn't it be taking place after 2016? It's just laziness to me
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• 10/21/2016

R.I.P. Chad Radwell

I am going to miss Chad Radwell more.

Chad Radwell who is played by Glen Powell He's such a jerk but it's really funny cause he's so stuck up and argent and it's so funny to see how Glenn plays this role.
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• 10/20/2016

I know who might murdered (killed) Chad Radwell

I think Dr. Brock Holt is the one who murdered Chad Radwell for being jealous and selfish and greedy. Dr. Brock Holt
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